Our products are formulated using only natural, plant-based ingredients. We believe outer beauty starts with healthy inner beauty. This means having an ingredient list that your can easily understand. Paraben-free, petroleum-free, unnatural chemical-free. Period. 

organic ingredients

We try to source organically certified ingredients where we can find them. We can proudly state our product is ~60% organic. The overachievers that we are... means we are currently working towards our goal of being 100% organic.

for the love of animals


We believe that beauty should not be at the expense of our furry (or not so furry) friends! We definitely do not test on animals. We are currently in the approval process of obtaining cruelty-free certifications through the PETA and Leaping Bunny organizations.


Our products are formulated using plant-based ingredients only. We do not use beeswax, but instead, use plant-derived wax. And we definitely do not use carmine (red pigment from beetles) to pigment our products.

ethically sourced

We pride ourselves on sourcing ingredients of the highest quality. With that said, we aim to use conflict-free ingredients in our formulations. For instance, this means not including palm-oil in our products which threaten the habitat of orangutans from its over-harvesting practices.  


A percentage of our profits are donated to non-profit organizations that work to rehabilitate animals that have been victims of cruelty.

proudly made with love in canada

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