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Why is there no flavour added to your products?


We do not believe in adding artificial anything into our products! We also aim to minimize our formulas to only contain healthy and beneficial ingredients. The only flavours that you should be tasting are those from our pure botanical ingredients.  



Will my product melt, freeze, and/or expire?


If your SPOIL ME BEAUTIFUL product is subjected to excessive heat or cold for short periods of time, it will not impact the product’s efficacy, although it may result in a texture variance. Prolonged exposure may cause a product to spoil or be less effective. 

We recommend using your SPOIL ME BEAUTIFUL products within 12 months after opening for best product quality.



What are SPOIL ME BEAUTIFUL products formulated without?


Our products do not contain parabens, phthalates, sulfates, synthetic flavours, synthetic fragrances, gluten, and talc.


Do you offer samples?


At this time, we do not offer samples. Stay tuned for updates!



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